My Father and his slippers..

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My father is always about helping those in need and I am so proud to see what he’s achieved on his own. From helping the families that lived around us to the villages in Aceh affected by the tsunami, he’s single handedly worked on getting to know what the real problems are, how to help them directly, create awareness for the cause, get the funding and make sure the help gets to the people.

His recent project is called Chris Slippers and it is a charity fund for handicapped people who live in a community in Jakarta, Indonesia. All he does is help take the orders and create a direct payment to the makers of the slippers who do it all by hand.

Please join the page and contact him directly for any enquiries to this project and others as well if you want to know more.


Where I’m From It’s All Gone…

In the second verse of “Hell Yeah”, there’s a line that goes “where I’m from it’s all gone, when the waves were really strong”. Aceh was the closest area hit by the 2004 tsunami. There’s been a civil war going on there since the 70’s because that province wants to be independent. The land is the most fertile in the country (most of Indo’s weed comes from there) and there’s also oil off the coast. Yet the people get nothing from this since it is all exploited by big companies backed by crooked men in power at the government offices. Ask yourself, when the tsunami hit, u heard about Thailand, the Maldives and India…. But did you hear anything about Aceh? Not really.. Why? Cus some people didn’t want you to know there was a war going on there so help wouldn’t come and the freedom fighters and the people would have no choice but to ask for the governments help.

This is a picture taken in 2011 of what is left of my house that I first lived in for 8 years after I was born at the PT Arun Hospital in Lhokseumawe, Aceh. All that is left of my neighborhood are the streets. Everything else is gone and has been taken over by the land.
Hence the lines in the second verse….

My First OFFICIAL Music Video

So I decided it would be fitting to post my first music video which is presented in collaboration with The Recipe (DXB) and Hollaback Family (INDO) as my first post.

There’s no real concept behind this video. I just wanted to show the buildings in the area where I live and for the viewer to get a sense of energy from watching it. Had a great time shooting with @ammar456 and the rest of @therecipedxb crew.

Shout out to @herdioflo for supporting me since highschool.