#SumthingInteresting: Movement that Sparks Emotion

I don’t know what it is about these two pieces but they really are emotional performances….


#SumthingAbtDXB: Diligent Thought

Diligent Thought.. a hip hop group which were probably the first to really make a mark in Dubai. Jibberish, Toofless, Solphonic and Dj Solo. I remember seeing them at Irish Village and then not long after at Alpha Club and those two shows were probably two of the dopiest I had ever been to. These dudes perfected what they did like it was science. The music, the flows, the cuts and the performance were always tight and doper than dope, if not , sicker than sick! Will we ever see a reunion anytime?

Everyone went on their own ways eventually and released solo material.


Dj Solo aka Wriggly Scott

SumthingAbtIndo: Palm Oil Companies are a “Trouble in Paradise”

I’ve written previous posts on the Palm Oil problem in Indonesia. You can check them here and here. It’s a problem that comes from a large web of issues connected to one another from greed, capitalism, globalisation, corruption and poverty. This video shows a little insight into the indigenous tribe in the Mentawais who face the pressure from Coorporate Giants.