#SomethingAbtMe: My Introduction to Hip Hop

A lot of people ask me what the Hip Hop culture is like in Indonesia. It may not be what a lot of people would like it to be, but its massive and it definitely has it’s own character. I know a lot of people over there who live off the culture, to the point where the scene sustains itself. In a country of over 200 million though, it’s not a surprise.Hip hop somehow managed to trickle its way into Indonesia very quietly. At first it was incorporated very subtly into the pop music and then somehow an underground cult was born in the 80’s, much like punk music. My first memory of it was in a song by Denny Malik titled, “Jalan Jalan Sore” (Evening Stroll).

Out of no where a full movie came out based on Bboys called “Tari Kejang” (convulsion dance!! Wtf?! Hahaha).

By the time I was old enough to really start appreciating music and exploring it on my own in the early 90’s, Hip Hop movies had made its way into the country and Indonesia had birthed its own King and Queen of Rap. Iwa-K and Denada.

So besides the soundtrack tape cassettes from the American Movies that were being sold in stores, I now had local artists I could enjoy as well. Not long after a rap compilation came out called “Pesta Rap” (Rap Party) which solidified my love for the music and made me look deeper into the culture.

I started going to rap competitions to experience the culture live as it was the only way Rappers and Bboys could jam with proper soundsystems. It wasn’t long that I became friends with my local rap idols who educated me even more about the culture and inspired me to start writing on a pad and also on the wall (my affair with Graf was very short and I never really went ahead and perfected the craft). Soon event organisers and club promoters started popping up that made Hip Hop nights and we flooded them. I witnessed the birth of Indonesian Hip Hop. I was a part of it. I celebrated with it during its infancy and struggles. I began my musical journey on the mic at its early competitions. I stood my ground when the East and West scenes rivaled each other like they did in America. And now? Now it’s probably one of the biggest scenes and cultures in Asia.

Here’s a fun fact. A few of my friends sort of became the first commercially successful Rap Group in Indonesia and they invited all their friends to come to their first video shoot. See if you can spot me in this!!



It’s been a while since I’ve written anything. Seems like I go through these spells where I don’t post anything on my blog for a long time. But it is with good reason though. I’ve come to learn that you really can’t force anything to happen. Well you can, but I find that if you force things to happen then there is a bit of an unatural feeling behind it. No shit right? 32 years in this life and I figured that one out.

So as of late I’ve really been trying to make the most of my time. I literally work joyfully and play satisfied. I don’t say hard work because I don’t consider my work actual work. I want to make sure that I have fun doing it and that way the result will always be great. So between working, working out, Kudo training, playing PlayStation and spending time with loved ones, my time is almost always busy. Each one of those are just as important as the other. I think if I were to sacrifice time from one to do another it just puts everything out of balance and things start to go wrong. 

The next half of this year is going to be a big change. Everything that I’ve been working for and dreaming of since I was a teenager has probably lead to this. It’s been tiring and time-consuming and annoying and I’ve lost more than just money and  relationships, but its been full of amazing experiences and I don’t think it could’ve happened any other way.

Let’s start this next chapter shall we….

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer #3!!

Ok.. So.. I can’t remember the last time I got so excited about a movie. This is the 5 year old kid in me that still lived in Aceh and used to watch the old turtle cartoons everyday at 3:30 pm when I got back from school. This is the lil kid in me that made a turtle costume by sowing a blanket to the back of a t shirt and drawing a shell on it. This is the lil kid in me that went to Pizza Hut and ordered an anchovy pizza and put peanut butter and ice cream on it cus thats what Michelangelo liked it. This trailer shows pretty much everyone except Casey Jones, Beebop and Rocksteady and Krang. This is fuckin rad… KOWABUNGAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

#SumthingAbtMe: Ski Touring in Switzerland

I was lucky enough to do a skitour in Switzerland when I was 18. The memory is one which will always be stuck in my mind. I guess something that I’ve always thought special was being present in places that are rare and maybe absent of any sort of being to experience it normally. The video below is exactly the place I went and in a similar group. We stayed at the same exact hut and climbed the same steep mountains before snowboarding down (others skied). There’s nothing quite like dangling your snowboard from your feet while rewinding to the beginning of you favorite song (Deftones: Passenger or Change) on your walkman before hitting play, putting your headphones on and taking off down the mountain after spending 6-8 hours climbing.

So….. Whats Going On?

First of all I’d like to apologize for not posting anything for a very long time. I have to admit though, a lot has happened in my life and I’ve been working very hard to make something positive out of this.
Not many people may know this but for the longest time, The Recipe had lost a lot of motivation. We had worked so hard for over three years and besides exceeding any of our expectations for what we had started, it didn’t put us in any better position to take it to another level. We were very close to quitting. I know the other guys never said it but I know deep down inside the three of us we were all feeling and thinking it. Thankfully that all changed last November 2013.
I was on my laptop in the middle of the night just doing my last checks on Facebook and Twitter and stuff when all of a sudden this message pops up and somebody asked me if I could get on Skype. Normally I would ignore these things if they came from people that I don’t know but for some reason this time I felt that I had to do this. Turns out it was probably the best decision I had ever made. I don’t want to go into full detail of everything that happened after that but to make a long story short, we’ve now found a management team to help us take this group to the next level.
The main man in this management team is Glenn “Sweety G” Toby. Again, to make a long story short this guy is one of the pioneers of hip-hop and his helped many artists get to where they are today. Google him and you’ll find tons of information about who he is, who he’s worked with and what he’s done. Www.glenntoby.com
Glenn came down and spent a month with us here in Dubai where we were in the studio every single night until seven in the morning. So much happen during that one month he was here. Besides opening up for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and working out sponsorship deals with major companies and a huge article in Rolling Stone magazine, we’ve made some of the best music we’ve ever written. We are now on our way to taking The Recipe international and a fulltime venture!
So that’s why you haven’t really heard much or seen any posts from me. I hope all of you can understand and will get behind me and my group and support us now and in future. I hope you’re all just as excited as I am.













#SumthingAbtMe: One of my Fav Alltime Bands- RATM

If theres one band I would love to see live it would def be Rage Against the Machine. These guys have made amazing music since they started in 1991 and their music still fills me with energy everytime I hear it. Absolutely timeless.. Check them out from three of their most notable concerts…


Woodstock 1999

Free Concert in London after going #1 in 2010