#SumthingAbtIndo: Senyawa

One of the most intense performances I’ve seen. What an amazing collaboration between the two which came from a spontaneous performance. “Senyawa” translates to “of one soul” and I think its a perfect name for this group


SumthingAbtIndo: Palm Oil Companies are a “Trouble in Paradise”

I’ve written previous posts on the Palm Oil problem in Indonesia. You can check them here and here. It’s a problem that comes from a large web of issues connected to one another from greed, capitalism, globalisation, corruption and poverty. This video shows a little insight into the indigenous tribe in the Mentawais who face the pressure from Coorporate Giants.

#SumthingAbtIndo: Garuda Kita. Garuda Pancasila

I find this so powerful. Indonesia is going to have a presidential election in July and one of the candidates is an ex-general who is responsible for a lot of war crimes in Indonesia. His logo for the campaign is the Red Garuda. Many people have interpreted this as being a Blood Soaked Garuda for the blood that is on his hands. This video was made in response to the altered Indonesian Logo.