#SumthingAbtINDO: The Look of Silence VICE Interview

I’ve written about “The Act of Killing” before and the documentary called, “The Globalisation Tapes“, that started the journey for the director to making that film. Joshua Oppenheimer’s next documentary is called “The Look Of Silence” which explores a victims brother confronting the killer. i have yet to watch it but this interview is a great night into the background which really makes me want to watch it.


#SumthingAbtDXB: Diligent Thought

Diligent Thought.. a hip hop group which were probably the first to really make a mark in Dubai. Jibberish, Toofless, Solphonic and Dj Solo. I remember seeing them at Irish Village and then not long after at Alpha Club and those two shows were probably two of the dopiest I had ever been to. These dudes perfected what they did like it was science. The music, the flows, the cuts and the performance were always tight and doper than dope, if not , sicker than sick! Will we ever see a reunion anytime?

Everyone went on their own ways eventually and released solo material.


Dj Solo aka Wriggly Scott

#SumthingAbtDXB: Tiger Co-Lab

So Tiger Beer approached me to be a part of a team of creatives based in Dubai to collaborate on a project together. The team consists of Fathima, Dozign, Isaac Ode, Brutal Grace, Sya and Bow.

Together we are Tiger Colab. You can find out more about us at http://www.facebook.com/tigercolab.

At the moment we’re doing a whole bunch of creative work and hope to showcase it all at an event sometime in May. Check out the video below to help you visualize a bit better what we’re about.

Tiger CO-LAB from Tiger CO-LAB on Vimeo.

#SumthingAbtDXB: The Skate Scene

I’ve now lived in the UAE for almost 7 years. One of the first events I went to when I first got here was the X Games. I was really shocked to find out that the X Games came here and when I saw who was coming I absolutely flipped!! The Yasutoko Brothers, Fabiola da Silva, Sandro Dias and Mark Hoffman. It made me realise quick that Dubai was serious about its skate/inline/bmx scene. Since then, many teams have come out here and done demos and workshops with the kids.
As the years went by I met some really cool skaters and riders that were setting the tone for the skill level in the UAE. Two of them I regard as the best skaters I have ever watched. Coincidentially, Maysam Faraj just happens to be a really close Recipe Family member. He shot Perfect Storms videos and Kaz Moneys “Shit Right Here” video as well and has documented a lot of our live shows for us. This habit for filming came from taking his camera out during skate sessions and recording his friends doing tricks.
The second is Evan Collison who is featured in Perfect Storm’s “Show Must Go On” video.

#SumthingAbtDXB: Tim Hassall – Christmas eve ft. Gayathri – YouTube

Two of my favorite Dubai based Artists come together and collaborate on a raw performance. No effects, no studio tweekings, no backing tracks… just pure raw guitar and vocals.. If you don’t know about Gaya3 and Tim Hassall then I suggest you check them both out here and here